couple tour

Our services are curated for professional (group tours/corporate tours) and personal service (couple tour/family tour); designed considering client need.

The separate parts make no carriage. We bring together the best quality horses and the best carriage, with experienced staff. Our carriages are driven by Hackney horses, breed known for good stamina and capable of trotting at high speed. The carriages are four wheeled chariots, designed to accommodate 4 passengers at a time. Available in colours navy blue and burgundy, they have matching interiors and can be decorated as per requirement and wish. The carriages are accompanied by a driver and groom to give you a regal feel, perfect for a memorable picture.

We provide exclusively decorated carriages for weddings and other such occasions. Our decorations include floral and/or ribbon appliques. Ribbon and flowers are colour co ordinated for a royal look.

We provide for occasions such as weddings, school proms, corporate entertainment, film work and horsing the Lord Mayor of Bristols coach on ceremonial occasions.

Many people would be surprised to find out that we actually offer WiFi in our carriages, believe or not! This comes with full interenet and everything else you'd expect. We were able to offer this because of a partnership with SiteGround, and Web Hosting Buddy's deal. Thank you for their generous domations and accomodations to make our service better!

Some people might think it's crazy to have WiFi in a horse carriage, but let me explain why this is important. Some people want to stream music using bluetooth speakers and their phones for a more romantic setting. Also, some people want to upload pictures to social media from their devices and in spots where cellular servce can get spotty, it's helpful to have a WiFi option for a connection. People absolutely love the WiFi and technology we have in our carriages, so it's not as silly as it may sound!

"All our clients are complimented with champagne and gourmet coffee upon request"

Get the feel of Europe while riding our elite twin horse driven carriers

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