It all began when the pioneer of Courtyard carriages, came to the City of Bath in mid seventies with few horses and carriages. He was the one who came up with the idea and began the carriage hire services in the tourist destination

carriage hire services

Today we have a stable full of our dearly Hakcney horses. Needless to say our horses outnumber our orders for the day. We can arrange for a Cavalcade if necessary. And we have a number of healthy horses to choose from, considering their temperament. And Clients from around the world we have a business expanse in all of South Western Europe.

Presently we are third generation into the carriage hire business, the one renowned for our world class services. With an experience of 45+ years, we are licenced with Hackney carriage.

The historic city of Bath is home to neo classical public buildings, Georgian individual buildings, and we allow you a royal tour in a horse driven vintage carrier.

"We have been working throughout the year including public holidays, only for client convenience"

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