At 11.59 pm. Cinderella should have said to the prince,

‘‘I bet you a million bucks, I can turn that carriage into a pumpkin.’’

But modern day Cinderella and her Prince Charming need Courtyard Carriages, to add a touch of romance to their fairy-tale beginnings.

royal ride
Courtyard Carriages

Be it Europe or Asia, elegant horse driven four wheeled carriages are indicative of need for transport for stately prince and princesses. However this vanity is no more limited for the elite. With our city tour packages, custom packages it is now affordable to the commoners.

Europe’s picturesque landscape and heritage architecture demand a royal ride for its valued visitors to have an experience of lifetime. And we are at your service, covering an expanse of Redford, Timberly, and Bath in South western Europe.

royal ride
wheeled carriages

"It is so refreshing to transfer from a carriage of the future (our electric Teslas) into an actual carriage from the old country." - Find My Electric

used tesla with horse
tesla on stage with horse

We are a carriage service based in the historic city of Bath, serving south western UK

You can hire our vintage, four wheeled, twin horse elite carriages for touring round the beautiful city of Bath.

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